Visa for international Delgates:

We advise those travelling from overseas to attend the Malaysia World Health Assembly Simulation 2019 to check with the following web link :

Visa Checklist:
- Check if your country is exempted from Visa requirement
- Check for the entry requirements into Malaysia
- If your country requires a Visa, then check for eligibility of eVISA
- Check for the type of visa eligible for the purpose of visit into the country (Single Entry Visa)
-Apply for Visa promptly about 1 month before the conference date (29-31,March 2019) to ensure Visa validity
- Print out the necessary VISA documents to ensure ease of immigration upon arrival at the Kuala Lumpur Airport.

* Please note that event though this information is obtained from the official portal of Immigration Department of Malaysia, there may be subject to changes with Visa requirement. Make sure to contact the immigration of Malaysia or any travel agency to obtain the latest information.*

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