Want to be a sponsor?

Interested in becoming a sponsor for our event? Read the details below to know more

Want to be a sponsor?

Dear prospective partners,
Thank you for your interests in becoming a part of Malaysia World Health Assembly
Simulation 2020.
MyWHA simulation aims to provide an opportunity to students involved in healthcare to simulate discussing important global and political matters about the existing and upcoming healthcare. We aim to create a place that houses an international environment fit for  networking events and help these students gain exposure and insight into the medicine in a different aspect. With your help we will be able to make our student-led journey a success! MyWHA invites you to become a Sponsor & make this dream a reality.


Yours Sincerely,
Finance Department of MyWHA 2020.

For interest in becoming a Sponsor for MyWHA 2020 read our offers stated in the detailed sponsorship prospectus and contact our Finance team for more information: mywha.finance@gmail.com

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