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Click on the documents below to find out more about Malaysia World Health Assembly 2020

*Please read: Delegate Checklist

1. Read the MyWHA simulation Delegate Booklet to learn about basic debate etiquette and the roles presented at MyWHA
2. Read the MyWHA Theme Guide to obtain more information regarding the topics of debate.
3. Read the MyWHA Crisis Guide to come to an understanding of how Crisis works and what your role as a delegate is during a crisis. 
4. Conduct research for your position paper on the country that will be appointed to you.
5. Write your position paper and email to mywharesearch@gmail.com
6. Conduct research for all the debating topics under your region to be well prepared for debating.


Official Theme Guide

Find out more about the topics and themes that will be discussed on in the upcoming conference

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Delegate Handbook

Find out more on what the conference is about and what you need to do to prepare for it

(Decorum, motions, debating, resolution and position paper and crisis guide.


Find out what activities we have planned for the conference 

Visa Information

Get information regarding the application process for a visa

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