The Conference: Theme summary and Topics 2019

MyWHA 2019 Conference: Healthcare for All: Present scenario and Future Prospects

Under this theme, Healthcare is seen as a necessity that should be given to everyone without a hint of discrimination. Inspired by the WHO 2018’s theme which is Universal Health Coverage, MyWHA 2019 have put our focus on problems faced by countries’ policy makers to achieve #healthforall and ways to amend ineffective policies for the enhancement of healthcare. Present scenarios of healthcare such as implementation of sustainable public healthcare plans, disease control preparations and many more could be improved, and new policies should be made to secure the prospects of public health for the future generation.  Politics of each country place a huge impact towards public healthcare as law and policies determines the future of universal healthcare. The following are the topics and regions which will be covered as well as the resolutions which can be downloaded by clicking the button: 


World Health Assembly 1

World Health Assembly 2 

World Health Assembly 3 

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