What is the World Health Assembly?

The World Health Assembly is the decision-making body of the World Health Organisation (WHO) attended by delegations from the WHO Member States, focusing on a specific health agenda prepared by the UN Executive Board. 


MyWHA 2020 is a conference emulating the framework of the World Health Assembly. The purpose of the simulation is to allow youth to learn about the functioning of the WHO, and to explore the health issues and solutions that the modern world is facing. The simulation also wishes to cultivate co-operation between youths from a plethora of cultural backgrounds, all whilst making policies and understanding the challenges that comes with them. 

Malaysia World Health Assembly Simulation

Health and Development:

Today's Youth, Tomorrow's Future

27th to 29th March, 2020

International Medical University (IMU), Bukit Jalil

Dear Delegates, Advisors, and Friends,

Welcome to the 3rd Malaysia World Health Assembly.

MyWHA is a conference that simulates the well known Model United Nation Conferences organised by several World Health Organization endorsed schools and universities. As a Medical Student, the importance of being aware of the critical health issues and the solutions available is monumental. MyWHA creates an educational medium for all students heading in the direction of a healthcare career to learn beyond "lectures and classrooms" and helps develop teamwork, leadership, debating and critical thinking skills.

Gaurangkumar Dharmendrakumar Patel,

Director General, Malaysia World Health Assembly.

Malaysia World Health Assembly 2020 

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